e-waste removal

Proud to offer e-waste removal services for Burlington, Oakville and Milton and the Hamilton area

Junk in the Trunk knows that not all junk is garbage. We recycle and donate up to 70% of our loads; therefore it never sees the landfill site. Our crews are trained to sort all junk removal items and debris collected to determine what can be donated or sent for recycling.

From residential homeowners to commercial business owners, you will find we are committed to taking care of ALL your junk removal and the cleanup needs that follow.

Working items such as appliances, computers, construction materials, furniture, renovation debris, yard waste, and more are taken off your hands by our professionals for donations to places like Goodwill, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity and the ReUse centers. Remaining debris items such as concrete, plastics, cardboard, soil, non - working appliances, used tires and scrap metal are all transported to local facilities for recycling.

We all know those old TV sets, computers, printers and other electronic stuff (known as e-waste) can reek havoc on the planet if tossed into the landfill. We at Junk in the Trunk pay attention to our environmental practices, and strive to improve our planet for future generations. Electronic waste is no longer accepted with your regular garbage pickup and is a rapidly growing concern. E-waste accounts for approximately 3000 tones (300 garbage trucks) of waste added to the landfill each year. Being a green company, Junk in the trunk is proud to say that all of the junk removal e-waste we collect is recycled and will not end up in a local landfill site.

Junk in the Trunk is an environmental friendly junk removal company and proud to support e-waste removal.

Servicing Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Hamilton and surrounding areas.

Junk in the Trunk, will happily haul and properly dispose of the following e-waste items:

1. Monitors 2. Towers 3. Printers 4. Copiers 5. Fax machines 6. Televisions 7. IT Equipment 8. Scanners 9. Photocopiers 10.Cell phones 11. Stereo’s 12. Accessories 13. Cables, wires and more!

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